Follow These Subject Lines Tips for Your Email

Follow These Subject Lines Tips for Your Email

Why Subject Lines are Important for Email? 

People read and open your email when it is interesting. If you do not believe it, take a look at your own inbox. How many unread emails are in it. 100, 200, 500 or more? People are bombarded with information like this all the time. That being said, the key of a successful email campaign is engagement. To kick start it, you need the right tool for it to work.

Though the body of an email is always the most important element to focus on, the first impression will always fall on the subject lines. Many people receive hundreds of emails in a day, and many of these will often go unnoticed. The subject line is one of the first things a recipient will see, so it’s important that yours is the one that stands out, unique and catches their attention. 

ActiveSend Tips on Email Subject Lines

We have sent many emails. By many, we mean thousands per day. We at ActiveSend have noticed a few similarities that can help you reach your goals in your email campaigns. There isn’t a guaranteed way to do this, but there are a few tips you can use to make it a lot easier.

  1. Short and Concise Subject Lines
    Keep it sweet and simple. If it is an email about sales, directly say how much discount or rebate that you’re offering. People’s emails are crammed with junk and other things they don’t want to read, so do them a favor and make this easy for them.
  2. Add Value Into The Subject Lines
    Timing is the key. Address your target audience problems immediately. Tailored your email to solve their problems such as, how much money will you help them save etc. No matter what you’re promoting or selling, do not beat around the bush. This will create trust between your customers and your brand.
  3. Finding the Right Tone
    You would like to be addressed according to your status and position. Unless these things don’t matter to you but people out there do. If your emails are created to team leaders or managers, make sure you’re using the right tone. Consider something along the lines of: “Free up time and budget with this tool”, “5 Steps to a FREE Invoicing”, or “How to Get 50% Better ROI on Your Social Media Ads”.
  4. Do Not Mislead
    Make sure your subject line accurately reflects the content of the email you are sending. It must not be used to make false promises as this will only encourage recipients to unsubscribe or spread negativity about your brand. Be as specific as you can and your customers will thank you for it. 

Try More Testing to Get The Best Result in Email Marketing

This brings us neatly onto the next point: you really do need to segment your emails carefully for this to work. Separate your audience by age, profession etc to find the sweet spot that you need to target. After multiple tests and campaigns, you’ll find success and methods that will work for your brand! Constantly adapt and try out these tips to find the perfect tone!

Which is better - Social Media or Email Marketing

Which is better – Social Media or Email Marketing

Most marketers use social media and email marketing to promote their businesses. Both are powerful, and you can achieve excellent results with any of these, but which is more effective in the long run? 

Both social media and email marketing have advantages and disadvantages; however, is your success determined by using only one or would it be better to do both to develop your business? To help you with your decision, here are some of the pros of both social media and email marketing!

Advantages of Social Media and Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

In the world of online marketing, social media has established itself as a major player. It’s obvious to see why social media allows you to easily reach new audiences all over the world while still increasing the chances of going viral. As platforms like Facebook and Instagram enable your company to communicate with a significant number of people. Facebook currently has a 2.19 billion-strong user base, while Instagram just passed the one-billion-strong mark.

  • Email Marketing

On the other hand, email marketing has been around for quite a long time. It may seem to be less exciting than social media on the surface. You might be significantly missing out if you underestimate the importance of email. Email is still alive and well, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Email can be much more powerful than its social media equivalents in several aspects. In addition, email marketing enables businesses to turn leads into sales through establishing connections more directly.

ActiveSend offers effective email marketing at a very affordable rate. You can get a cheaper email marketing rate without compromising its effectiveness. With ActiveSend’s easy-to-use email tools you can run successful and cost-effective email marketing campaigns that will surely help your brand with its continuous growth!

Fewer Words, More Email Open Rates

Fewer Words, More Email Open Rates

No matter how great your email marketing is, if it doesn’t get opened, it won’t do anything good to your business. If you’re doing email marketing and your emails aren’t getting opened, you need to address the issue right away. Here are a few quick and easy ways to boost your email open rates before it’s too late.

Simple Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rates

  • Include pictures in your email

When you’re trying to convey a lot of information in a single email campaign, your first question must be, “How can I simplify this?” or “How can I explain this effectively?” Instead of overloading readers with text, photos can also be used to summarize ideas or generate appeal, which can help increase the overall click rate of an email.

  • Add short video

Including video in your email marketing can be a fun and engaging way to connect with your subscribers. Did you know that adding a short video in an email campaign will increase your email open rate by 6%? In addition, you can’t argue with the effectiveness of including a short video in your email when 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product online after viewing a video.

  • Make sure your recipients know your brand

Rather than sending an email from a generic department or business name, try sending it as if it’s from a real person’s email. Furthermore, seeing a familiar name in the inbox can help your emails get more open rates. 

As the old saying goes “less is more”, when you include images and video on your email campaign you will notice an improvement in your open rates. Run a successful email campaign with ActiveSend today and have access to simple yet effective email tools and have a cost-effective email marketing strategy!

Why We Should Use Stories in Email

Why We Should Use Stories in Email

Storytelling has always been an effective method for conveying knowledge while also inciting a strong emotional connection with the audience. Telling a story in an email is a cost-effective email marketing strategy. So, let’s discuss how storytelling in email marketing can be used to create entertaining and captivating content for your subscribers.

The Benefits of Storytelling in Email

There are a few main advantages of using storytelling instead of only being promotional or using traditional email options. Know the importance of placing your reader in a piece of information that they find useful:

  • Connections

People would feel more attached to a brand when they read a relatable story. Storytelling is much more engaging than regular emails, resulting in a more authentic and endearing message. It also appeals to emotions, which often lead to action.

  • Impactful

A good story holds the reader’s attention. It prepares them to learn something new or to come to an important conclusion. This exposition and creation will make the same message much more unforgettable than it would be if it were sent as a standard email.

  • Holistic

A great story has the advantage of being holistic in nature. Promotions are all about selling, greetings are all about communicating, but stories are all about everything. They have a captivating beginning, a compelling middle, and a satisfying conclusion that makes the reader happy and stays.

Now that you know the benefits of telling a story in email, it is time for you to incorporate this into your email strategy. Tell your stories and run an email campaign effectively with ActiveSend today!

How To Write Birthday Emails

How To Write Birthday Emails

Sending a birthday email to your customers is a great way to improve customer loyalty and generate revenue. The message typically emphasizes the socially positive event, but it’s really intended to boost consumer retention and word-of-mouth marketing, as well as encourage recipients to return to a website and make a purchase.

Tips for Writing Birthday Email that Converts

Emails for birthdays should be fun, delightful, and warm. The following are some of the most effective strategies for making your email stand out:

  • Offer birthday gifts and rewards

You may take advantage of this increased willingness to buy by providing a personalized birthday discount, free delivery, or some other reward based on their interests.

  • Add an element of surprise

Include a surprise offer to improve click-through rates and create suspense.

  • Create a beautiful email design

On their special day, your customer is likely to receive a lot of emails, so make your email stand out by creating a beautiful email design that shines.

  • Make it personal

When we see our name or something related to our interests in the subject line of an email, it makes the content feel more personal. This will usually capture our attention and increase our urge to click.

A birthday email is automated email marketing that will be sent out on your customer’s birthday. With ActiveSend you will be able to schedule and send birthday emails to your customers easily and hassle-free with its simple yet effective email marketing tools. Make a cost-effective email marketing strategy with ActiveSend today!

How to Structure a Good Email Subject

How to Structure a Good Email Subject

Email subject lines are probably the most important part of your email. After all, it’s the subject line that subscribers see in their inbox that decides whether or not they open your email. If your email subject lines aren’t good, your email marketing efforts might go to waste. So here are some simple yet effective ways to structure excellent email subject lines.

3 Tips For Writing An Excellent Email Subject Line

  1. Be direct and precise

The subject line should clearly state the purpose of the email so that the recipient can prioritize its importance even without having to open it.

  1. Create a few subject lines and brainstorm

Try to write some subject lines that are related to the email content that you are sending out. After writing a few, do brainstorming with your team on which is the best subject line to use in your email campaign. 

  1. Keep it short

Oftentimes, people check their emails on their mobile devices. Keep your subject line under 50 characters, or about five to seven words, to avoid your subject line being cut off.

Different Types of Email Subject Lines

  1. Simple and straightforward

There’s a lot to be said about minimalism; users want you to be straightforward and clear in your subject lines because time is still a valuable asset.

  1. Funny

Among the dry, boring emails that accompany it, a witty subject line may really stand out. However, humor is a delicate subject; it thrives on exclusivity, which isn’t always ideal when attempting to cater to a wider audience.

  1. Shocking or controversial

Sometimes, controversy sells, and it attracts a lot of attention. You must tread carefully when using shocking, or controversy in your subject lines. You might get more openings, but at the expense of losing customers.

  1. Single-word subject lines

Going ultra-minimalist with single-word subject lines is one powerful email marketing technique. It is often used and suitable for big brands like Airbnb, Facebook, Lazada, and such.

Having cost-effective email marketing tools in place will help you run a campaign effectively. ActiveSend is here to provide you easy-to-use features and email tools that you can add to your email strategy!

Emojis and Symbols in Email Marketing

Emojis and Symbols in Email Marketing

Emoji is the first digitally created language. They allow people to put emotion into otherwise flat text. Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese artist, created the first emojis in 1999.

As emoji are becoming more and more mainstream, many are increasingly adopting and integrating it into their digital marketing strategies, especially in email marketing, because it is a simple and expressive way to stand out to subscribers.

How to Use Emojis in Email Marketing

It’s important to know the dos and don’ts of using emojis in email marketing for the best results.

  • Do’s of emojis in email

Emojis are vibrant and eye-catching in subject lines and email bodies, so use them with purpose. Consider them a complement to words rather than a replacement. Emojis make your message seem more fun and personal. Make sure they’re appropriate for the situation. In addition, using emojis in your email content will make your subject lines suit mobile devices.

However, before including emojis in your email content, make sure that they are exactly what your target audience wants to see on their emails.

  • Don’ts of emojis in email

Don’t overuse emojis in the pursuit of higher email open rates and conversions. When you see the first advantages of this strategy, it’s easy to fall into the pit of emoji overuse, but as we all know, something done excessively is dangerous. Furthermore, too many emojis will make your message appear spammy, lowering your deliverability.

Emojis can be useful in email marketing if you know when and how to use them. They contribute to the attractiveness of your campaign only if it makes sense to use them to improve your message.

Emojis in email marketing is the surest way to raise brand awareness, stand out in a crowded inbox, and improve open rates and conversions. They can be effective if they are relevant to your target audience and your brand’s tone of voice. ActiveSend will help you run a more successful and cost-effective email marketing campaign and will help you to know how to do email marketing effectively. Get in touch with us now!

Should We Use Jargon in Email Marketing

Should We Use Jargon in Email Marketing?

Many people seem to believe that jargon is the scourge of content marketing. There’s a purpose for that. When used incorrectly or without concern for your audience, it can detract from the client experience and drive people away from your email content.

So, if you’re susceptible to filling your email content with colloquialisms, industry-specific phrases, and cryptic buzzwords, think twice about the potential negative effect of jargon on your marketing efforts before implementing your email marketing campaign.

How and When to Use Jargon in Your Email Marketing Content

  • Know your audience and their location

This important rule should be followed in every writing, but particularly when using industry jargon. If jargon contains terminology and phrases that only a specific number of people can understand, then avoid using it when writing for a more general audience. For example, when writing an email for a group of physicians, it’s better to write “The patient is suffering from pharyngitis,” rather than “She has a sore throat.” However, if you’re writing for a more general audience, avoid using medical terminology that they may not understand.

  • Don’t overuse jargon

Jargon isn’t bad at all, and when used correctly, a little bit can be beneficial and can help you communicate effectively. This is valuable if your audience shares technical terminology understanding as yours since it allows you to interact more easily with less need for clarification. Keep in mind that jargon is intended to refer to something with a specific meaning. If you use it too much in your email marketing content, it will lose its value and relevance. ActiveSend is an email marketing software that allows its users to create and run successful and cost-effective email marketing campaigns using its easy-to-use email tools and features!

Increase Email Open Rates With These Tips

Increase Email Open Rates With These Tips

Email marketing is said to be the king of the marketing world, with a high return on investment. This is why email marketing technology is used by the majority of companies all over the world. 

However, the question here is how to make your email marketing strategy successful? Your email marketing campaigns will only be efficient if they are decided to be opened by your recipients in the first place. If your open rates aren’t as high as you’d like, it’s time to reconsider your marketing strategy. So here are four effective ways to improve your email open rates.

4 Effective Ways To Improve Email Open Rates

  1. Make an interesting title or subject line

Your subject lines are everything when it comes to email open rates. It’s your responsibility to make your title stand out. 

According to research, subject lines with 6-10 words had the highest open rate, whereas subject lines with 21-25 words had the lowest open rate. If you want to grab your audience’s attention, you’ll need to get more creative with your subject lines. Here are few pointers on how to create catchy subject lines:

  • Entice curiosity to spark the customer’s interest.
  • Include numbers as there’s something about numbers that catches someone’s attention.
  • To make it feel more personal, use fun, friendly tones.
  • Speak in a language that the consumer understands and can relate to.
  1. Optimize email for mobile devices

Many people nowadays are using mobile phones to do business as well as checking their inboxes. This means you cannot neglect smartphone users, you have to make an effort to reach out to them. Ensure that your email is mobile-­friendly, with responsive formatting and all media added can be loaded.

  1. Perfect your timing in sending emails

The timing of your emails may have a significant impact on whether or not your subscribers open them. So you need to think carefully about what time of the day and day of the week you will send your emails out. 

You won’t be able to pinpoint the ideal time right away, but you can run some A/B tests to see which time frames work better and use those in future campaigns. According to the research, the best time of the week to send emails is on weekdays, and the best time of day is in the afternoon

  1. Include sender’s name

Email exhaustion is a real thing. More emails go unread or into the trash. People will soon grow tired of getting the same emails over and over again. To resolve this, change your sender name and send a letter from a real person to your subscribers.

An email that is personalized and friendly is always more powerful than the generic ones. Furthermore, recipients are less likely to delete it out of annoyance and are more likely to open it.

Start Your Email Marketing with ActiveSend

Now that you know some successful ways to increase your open rates, you can finally identify some problems that are costing you a good open rate. It is time for you to put the tips you’ve learned into practice and start keeping track of your progress. ActiveSend is an email marketing platform that offers effective email marketing tools. With ActiveSend you will be able to create professional email templates, utilize easy-to-use email tools, and have excellent email deliverability. Unlock the full potential of your email strategy with ActiveSend!

Always Segmenting Your Email Lists For A Successful Email Marketing

Always Segmenting Your Email Lists For A Successful Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to connect with new leads as well as those who have previously purchased items from your business. However, if you have a high unsubscribe rate, it might mean you’re annoying your subscribers with too many or irrelevant emails.

One solution to this problem is to use ‘segmentation,’ which is a method of sorting and filtering the lists. Email segmentation will help you ensure that your messages are sent to your relevant audience. You can segment your mailing list by demographics, level of interest in your company, or any other metric you want. We’ll go over the importance of segmentation and some tips for getting started to help you create a successful email marketing strategy.

Getting Started with Email List Segmentation

When creating the sign-up form for your list, consider what information you want to gather aside from email addresses. Each piece of information you collect from your subscribers becomes a possible merge field that you can use to segment and personalize your mailing lists. To do so, you’ll need to think about what kind of details will make sense for your site to have. 

Here are a few of the most efficient ways for segmenting your email lists:

  • Location

You can use data like zip codes to filter your list based on the location of your subscribers. This is particularly helpful for membership sites with a geographic element.

  • Sign-up date

This data can be used to create new ways for recent customers to connect with your brand, or to reward your most loyal subscribers with exclusive offers.

  • Email activity

You can also segment your list based on customers who have a high click-through rate or open rate. This is a simple way to see who your most devoted supporters are. You may send this group polls, new opportunities, or special offers.

  • Interests

You may ask people to choose which types of emails they want to get when they sign up. Members will then self-select only the information that is important to them. You may also add a field to your unsubscribe landing page that asks subscribers if they’d like to manage the newsletters they’ve signed up for instead of unsubscribing.

You might also want to manually import separate information to even further segment your list. For example, if you have a list of clients from your online payment system, you could download all of their emails as a single file and upload it as a new list segment. Some platforms like ActiveSend, offer options and easy-to-use email tools and features for effective segmentation. 

Tips for Effectively Segmenting Your Email List

Here are some of the most effective ways to put your segmented lists to use with your membership page:

  • Reward your most loyal customers

Customers with the highest CTRs can be offered special offers or other rewards.

  • Run a drip campaign

A targeted drip campaign will help you persuade existing members to renew their membership before it expires.

  • Filter out irrelevant emails

It’s a good idea to make sure that every email you send with a particular message is sent to people who may be interested in it. For instance, you may only want to advertise an event to people who live close enough to attend. You can then send content with a wider scope to your general list. The more specific your email segmentation and targeting can be, the better. This means that your efforts yield the best results possible. To have a cost-effective email marketing campaign, ActiveSend offers easy-to-use email marketing tools where you can create amazing templates and segment your list even without coding skills. With ActiveSend, you can send high-volume messages and take advantage of the full potential of email marketing and automation!