Should We Use Jargon in Email Marketing

Should We Use Jargon in Email Marketing?

Many people seem to believe that jargon is the scourge of content marketing. There’s a purpose for that. When used incorrectly or without concern for your audience, it can detract from the client experience and drive people away from your email content.

So, if you’re susceptible to filling your email content with colloquialisms, industry-specific phrases, and cryptic buzzwords, think twice about the potential negative effect of jargon on your marketing efforts before implementing your email marketing campaign.

How and When to Use Jargon in Your Email Marketing Content

  • Know your audience and their location

This important rule should be followed in every writing, but particularly when using industry jargon. If jargon contains terminology and phrases that only a specific number of people can understand, then avoid using it when writing for a more general audience. For example, when writing an email for a group of physicians, it’s better to write “The patient is suffering from pharyngitis,” rather than “She has a sore throat.” However, if you’re writing for a more general audience, avoid using medical terminology that they may not understand.

  • Don’t overuse jargon

Jargon isn’t bad at all, and when used correctly, a little bit can be beneficial and can help you communicate effectively. This is valuable if your audience shares technical terminology understanding as yours since it allows you to interact more easily with less need for clarification. Keep in mind that jargon is intended to refer to something with a specific meaning. If you use it too much in your email marketing content, it will lose its value and relevance. ActiveSend is an email marketing software that allows its users to create and run successful and cost-effective email marketing campaigns using its easy-to-use email tools and features!

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