Emojis and Symbols in Email Marketing

Emojis and Symbols in Email Marketing

Emoji is the first digitally created language. They allow people to put emotion into otherwise flat text. Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese artist, created the first emojis in 1999.

As emoji are becoming more and more mainstream, many are increasingly adopting and integrating it into their digital marketing strategies, especially in email marketing, because it is a simple and expressive way to stand out to subscribers.

How to Use Emojis in Email Marketing

It’s important to know the dos and don’ts of using emojis in email marketing for the best results.

  • Do’s of emojis in email

Emojis are vibrant and eye-catching in subject lines and email bodies, so use them with purpose. Consider them a complement to words rather than a replacement. Emojis make your message seem more fun and personal. Make sure they’re appropriate for the situation. In addition, using emojis in your email content will make your subject lines suit mobile devices.

However, before including emojis in your email content, make sure that they are exactly what your target audience wants to see on their emails.

  • Don’ts of emojis in email

Don’t overuse emojis in the pursuit of higher email open rates and conversions. When you see the first advantages of this strategy, it’s easy to fall into the pit of emoji overuse, but as we all know, something done excessively is dangerous. Furthermore, too many emojis will make your message appear spammy, lowering your deliverability.

Emojis can be useful in email marketing if you know when and how to use them. They contribute to the attractiveness of your campaign only if it makes sense to use them to improve your message.

Emojis in email marketing is the surest way to raise brand awareness, stand out in a crowded inbox, and improve open rates and conversions. They can be effective if they are relevant to your target audience and your brand’s tone of voice. ActiveSend will help you run a more successful and cost-effective email marketing campaign and will help you to know how to do email marketing effectively. Get in touch with us now!

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