Increase Email Open Rates With These Tips

Increase Email Open Rates With These Tips

Email marketing is said to be the king of the marketing world, with a high return on investment. This is why email marketing technology is used by the majority of companies all over the world. 

However, the question here is how to make your email marketing strategy successful? Your email marketing campaigns will only be efficient if they are decided to be opened by your recipients in the first place. If your open rates aren’t as high as you’d like, it’s time to reconsider your marketing strategy. So here are four effective ways to improve your email open rates.

4 Effective Ways To Improve Email Open Rates

  1. Make an interesting title or subject line

Your subject lines are everything when it comes to email open rates. It’s your responsibility to make your title stand out. 

According to research, subject lines with 6-10 words had the highest open rate, whereas subject lines with 21-25 words had the lowest open rate. If you want to grab your audience’s attention, you’ll need to get more creative with your subject lines. Here are few pointers on how to create catchy subject lines:

  • Entice curiosity to spark the customer’s interest.
  • Include numbers as there’s something about numbers that catches someone’s attention.
  • To make it feel more personal, use fun, friendly tones.
  • Speak in a language that the consumer understands and can relate to.
  1. Optimize email for mobile devices

Many people nowadays are using mobile phones to do business as well as checking their inboxes. This means you cannot neglect smartphone users, you have to make an effort to reach out to them. Ensure that your email is mobile-­friendly, with responsive formatting and all media added can be loaded.

  1. Perfect your timing in sending emails

The timing of your emails may have a significant impact on whether or not your subscribers open them. So you need to think carefully about what time of the day and day of the week you will send your emails out. 

You won’t be able to pinpoint the ideal time right away, but you can run some A/B tests to see which time frames work better and use those in future campaigns. According to the research, the best time of the week to send emails is on weekdays, and the best time of day is in the afternoon

  1. Include sender’s name

Email exhaustion is a real thing. More emails go unread or into the trash. People will soon grow tired of getting the same emails over and over again. To resolve this, change your sender name and send a letter from a real person to your subscribers.

An email that is personalized and friendly is always more powerful than the generic ones. Furthermore, recipients are less likely to delete it out of annoyance and are more likely to open it.

Start Your Email Marketing with ActiveSend

Now that you know some successful ways to increase your open rates, you can finally identify some problems that are costing you a good open rate. It is time for you to put the tips you’ve learned into practice and start keeping track of your progress. ActiveSend is an email marketing platform that offers effective email marketing tools. With ActiveSend you will be able to create professional email templates, utilize easy-to-use email tools, and have excellent email deliverability. Unlock the full potential of your email strategy with ActiveSend!

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